Just Following the Wind…

Hey guys!

Welcome to my road trip through life. I’ve always thought that a road trip is the best way to travel. Instead of just taking the fastest path from point A to point B, a road trip lets us roll the windows down, watch the world that’s passing us by, and make spontaneous stops along our ever-wandering way. My life after American Idol has turned into quite an adventure, and as I travel down this winding road of new songs, recording sessions, and live shows, I’ve decided to take the wheel into my own hands.

I’m letting myself follow the wind, wherever it leads me. Life should make us take fearless chances and dream dreams that are too big not to chase, and it’s finally time to put my own music out there and see where it takes me.

From recording my debut single, “Weather,” to performing new music for you guys, there are sure to be exciting mile markers on the journey, and I hope to see you along the way! This blog is my postcard to you, and maybe it will inspire you to blaze your own trail and stay true to your free spirit!




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