Do you ever picture yourself traveling the world or standing on a beach somewhere in Santorini, Greece looking into miles of crystal clear blue water? Do you imagine what it would be like to have your very own company and be your own boss? What about making tons of moolah doing something that you GENUINELY love? Yea…ME TOO! Performing my own music in front of a crowd of thousands is something I picture every single day. I think about it so often that I have literally been caught by my sister as I was finishing singing a song in front of my mirror and screaming “THANK YOU TAMPA BAY FOR COMING TO MY SHOW I LOVE YOU AND GOODNIGHT!!!.” I was literally so embarrassed and I still feel so awkward to this day about it, but WHATEVER! I obviously still haven’t learned my lesson because it’s a recurring thing that happens when I’m home. lol

With that being said, I think the real question is; How can I make these daydreams turn into reality? I think the best piece of advice I’ve been given so far is to CREATE CHANGE for yourself! Now I know some of you who are reading this are probably thinking to yourself, “Well Shannon it’s a lot easier said than done.” Trust me, I was thinking the same thing until just recently I went to a concert and I was wanting SO BADLY to be on that stage. Not that I didn’t want it badly before but in that very moment I just started tearing up because there was nothing that I wanted more than to be in that costume, dancing in that pyramid of dancers and singing with all that conviction.  It just sparked a fire in my heart and it just truly made me believe that ‘I CAN DO THAT.’ From then on, I imagined myself every day in her shoes, doing just that! Which brings me to this; If you are like me, believing and picturing yourself in a greater situation every single day doing something that you love, then you’ve already conquered the first 2 steps to ‘creating change’-VISUALIZATION & BELIEVING IN YOURSELF!

Now all thats left for me to do is ACT ON MY GOALS and get the ball rolling, and being totally honest, this last step I’ve had a little trouble with lately. To me it just seems very scary, especially since this last week I’ve been feeling a little uninspired. I’ve spent so many hours wasting time debating when the PERFECT date is to release my EP, whether or not I should be posting another cover on my YouTube channel, or if I should re-write words to a song that I’ve re-written so many times already. There have also been a couple moments where I’ve literally sat in my room and debated taking another creative path in my artistry and music. Then I start to second guess myself and start redoing things for absolutely no reason which has been making it really hard for me to move forward. It’s a snowball effect that I LITERALLY CAN’T STAND!!!! I’ve been trying to figure out who I should ask about what I should do and then I thought that maybe some of you guys might have gone through a little rut like this and can help me out! What do I do? Do any of you guys have any suggestions or helpful tips that will help me to get that little bit of inspiration back? I’m ALWAYS checking my DM’s on my Twitter and Instagram so shoot me a message or tweet me because I really want to hear your thoughts and advice! You can also leave a comment at the bottom of this page with any ideas!!

Love you guys!


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